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The Bomb Glove is Gadgetron's most affordable weapon — in fact it's free! We believe in this product so strongly that we are willing to give it away to first time customers.*
*This offer is at the discretion of individual Gadgetron vendors. Terms and conditions apply.
— Gadgetron weapon presentation found in the game manual, R&C

The Bomb Glove is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron Corporation, featured in Ratchet & Clank and Going Commando. It is a glove which tosses a small explosive at enemies, which deals moderate damage and has a small radius of effect.

The Bomb Glove can be upgraded to the Gold Bomb Glove in Ratchet & Clank, and the Mega Bomb Glove in Going Commando.


Ratchet & Clank

The Bomb Glove was granted to Ratchet at the beginning of the game as a free offer to him from Gadgetron. It contains 10 ammo when first bought. It could later be upgraded to Gold Bomb Glove with 4 Gold Bolts and 20,000 bolts upon completion of the game. Additionally, Test Dummies on Kalebo III used the weapon when fighting Ratchet.

Going Commando

The Bomb Glove was acquired from planet Barlow when Ratchet met the Help Matron. It could either be purchased for 1,000 bolts or acquired for free, depending on whether or not the player had a Ratchet & Clank save file. During challenge mode, the player could purchase the Mega Bomb Glove from any Megacorp vendor for 1,000 bolts.

Up Your Arsenal

The Bomb Glove was used by Test Dummies in the testing arena, as in Ratchet & Clank, though it was not usable by Ratchet.


At its base, the Bomb Glove has a simple black sleeve. At the knuckles and wrist is blue, metallic plating, which connect to each other via two large tubes with orange bases. The bombs that the glove dispenses are spherical with white and black markings, with the white sections pulsing red, and setting off red explosions. Its icon is a simple spherical bomb with a lit fuse.

Bomb Glove ammo is silver and spherical with copper caps on top and bottom, with three rims placed equidistant from each other around the perimeter, across the vertical diameter. On the front is the Bomb Glove icon.

The Gold Bomb Glove is a version of the Bomb Glove coated in gold. Its bombs set off green explosions rather than red. While the Mega Bomb Glove retains the appearance of the basic Bomb Glove, its bombs also set off green explosions rather than red.


The Bomb Glove is a versatile weapon that can be used on various types of threats. It can be used on small groups of enemies, due to its small damage radius, and it can easily destroy several groups at once. Its impacting damage also allows it to be useful against larger enemies. However, because the Bomb Glove is only acquired very early, it is later outclassed by weapons which do more damage to larger targets, and by rapid-fire weapons with a greater damage radius that can more easily take down smaller enemies.

When upgraded to the Gold Bomb Glove, or Mega Bomb Glove, it has a greater range, and a greater area-of-effect. In Going Commando, the Mega Bomb Glove could defeat Chainblade within a few shots.

Behind the scenes

The Bomb Glove was originally featured in the Ratchet & Clank demo. It could be purchased for 2,000 bolts. Originally, it was not going to be initially available for free in the final game, but was made free to introduce players to weapons aside from the wrench immediately.[1]

In early builds of the game, the bombs thrown by the Bomb Glove featured a different model.[2]

The bombs thrown by the Bomb Glove in the final game were also used by various enemies throughout the series. Megapede used similar bombs, while Chairman Drek's mech suit fired larger bombs which created shockwaves.

In Going Commando, it is possible for Ratchet to harm himself with the Bomb Glove. On any planet with a Levitator pad, the player can toss a bomb into the air and ascend; if done right, the bomb will collide with the player and deal damage. The same thing happens when a bomb is tossed into the water and the player dives into it, or when one is tossed and boosted into at the right time using the Charge Boots.

When a bomb from the Bomb Glove is thrown in water, it slowly sinks deeper and deeper until it touches the bottom, unlike bombs in the other games.

In-game summaries

Bomb Glove! Throw bombs at your enemies! BOOM!
— Vendor Ticker description, R&C
The Bomb Glove is an affordable, entry-level weapon. In fact, it's FREE! We believe in this product so strongly that we're willing to give it away to first-time customers! Effective at close or medium-range, this device can be especially handy against clusters of enemies. Hold down L1 for precision aiming. Makes a great gift!
— Normal Help Menu description, R&C
The Gold Bomb Glove replaces your original Bomb Glove and provides more power and bigger explosions for your bombs! The Gold Bomb Glove also offers longer range when in aiming mode! A real bargain for only a few Gold Bolts!
— Help Menu description (Gold version), R&C
The Bomb Glove is Gadgetron's most affordable weapon - in fact it's free! We believe in this product so strongly that we are willing to give it away to first time customers. (This offer is at the discretion of individual Gadgetron vendors. Terms and conditions apply.)
— British instruction manual description, R&C


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