Bolt Foundry

The Bolt Foundry was a massive factory on Fort Sprocket where all the bolts in the galaxy were made. During the events of Secret Agent Clank, Klunk (disguised as The Kingpin) invaded the Bolt Foundry in order to achieve the funds needed to built his satellite. The Bolt Foundry was filled with Doppelgangers, that managed to infiltrate the Bolt Vault and prepare a trap for Clank.

Bolt Vault

Bolt Vault

The Bolt Vault was a room within the Bolt Foundry where all of the bolts produced in the Bolt Foundry were stored. The bolts were stored inside large crates before being distributed. During the events of Secret Agent Clank, The Kingpin prepared a trap to lock Clank inside and frame him for the theft of the Foundry's bolts. Due to the Kingpin's henchmen invasion, some of the gigantic crates were opened. Once Clank was inside, the Bolt Vault would only open again when all intruders were dealt with.