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Turn your enemies into pork.
— Weapon description, GM

The Boar-Zooka is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron Corporation in Going Mobile. In the Series 60 version it is acquired by completing the "Boar Blitz Battle" challenge in The Arena. It can be upgraded to level 3 with use.



Ratchet using the Boar-Zooka.

The Boar-Zooka fires a constant beam that reaches the far side of the screen, which turns enemies in to boars. Although initially it takes awhile to transform an enemy, when fully upgraded enemies are transformed almost instantly. It is a useful weapon depending on the situation. As it does not use ammo, can hit multiple enemies at once and stunlocks all its targets, it can be used without any real risks even when Ratchet's health is extremely low.

However, Security Tanks and the final boss cannot be transformed into boars and are immune to its stunlock effect. This means that a swarm of enemies that contains even a single Security Tank can easily kill the player.