…a brutal, blood-crazed killer not fit for regulation arenas…
―The The Polaris Consortium of Robotic Gladiators on Blazebot.  [ItN]

Blazebot was a robot who was a major competitor in the Thugs-4-Less Destructapalooza. He was a stronger variant of the Voltanoid and was stated to be a modified one by the Announcer. Blazebot's primary weapon were Pyrocidic Flame Jets salvaged from Valkyrie War Ships.

Blazebot was stated to be newly single, and trying his hand at HoloNet Dating: he was after someone who enjoyed going to the gym, watching old films, and setting fire to absolutely everything.

The Polaris Consortium of Robotic Gladiators labeled Blazebot "a brutal, blood-crazed killer not fit for regulation arenas", he was however, allowed to participate in the Destructapalooza because it was not a regulated arena.

The Blazebot had similar abilities to a regular Voltanoid, except now it could shoot fireballs in the air that reacted the same way as Gary's missiles, except no receptacle appeared at the bottom, making it tricky to dodge them.

The Blazebot was encountered two times on Kragg; In the Bronze Cup challenge,"Blazebot Battle", and in the Platinum Cup challenge,"Iron Lombax."


  • Blazebot was a palette swap of Voltanoid, and had an identical head and body to the Scorch Minions, suggesting some relation. Blazebot's weapon was also similar to the Scorch Minions.
  • The skill point Voltanoid Ninja can be achieved by killing the Blazebot with only the Omniwrench since, technically, the Blazebot is a modified Voltanoid.


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