For Blargian water dumper ship, see Blarg Dumper.

Ratchet's Blarg starfighter concept art

Blarg Interceptor

Ratchet's Stolen Blarg Fighter

Blargian starfighters were elite issue starfighters which were used primarily by the blarg. They were sleek and purple.

On Umbris, when Ratchet acquires the Batalia infobot, a row of Blarg starfighters can be seen behind Qwark's tour shuttle. Later, at the Gemlik Base orbiting Oltanis, Ratchet and Clank acquired a high-tech elite Blarg starfighter which possessed great speed.



An Electroid piloting a small Blarg fighter ship

At the start of the game, Clank also briefly used a very small, one-seated brown fighter to escape from Quartu. Two Electroids also manned these craft to tail him.


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