Blargian snagglebeast

The Blargian snagglebeast was a monstrous creature and a top secret Blarg project. The Snagglebeast was used in a test battle against Ratchet. Thickly armored and with claws as sharp as daggers, it was a Snagglebeast which Qwark had knowledge of this and purposely sent Ratchet & Clank on a mission to be killed at Nebula.

It was controlled via a cranial item. In phase one, it uses a charge attack. It apparently had a fondness for jumping into lava. After the blarg scientist noticed this fault, they boosted the Blargian snagglebeast's IQ. A ground pound protocol was uploaded into its brain in order to prevent it from jumping into lava. Once defeated its cranial item was destroyed and the Snagglebeast collapsed from its defeat.


Artwork Character Blargian Snagglebeast

Snagglebeast Concept Art


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