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Blarg re imagine

The Blargian faction was once a powerful faction within the Solana Galaxy. The faction was headed by the Blargian Government from the governing body of planet Quartu, and possibly other locations, and the seat of power of the Blarg species. It was seemingly a faction of businessmen and technocrats, and had a primary industry of mining.


The Blarg Faction originated on Quartu, which had become overpopulated and poisonous due to Drek Industries. According to Captain Qwark, the Blarg had once played a major role in the extinction of the Lombax race resulting in Ratchet being the last known Lombax. Because of this they were forced to live under ground where it was cold, dark, and wet.

The blarg

Alonzo Drek hated living on Quartu, which had been polluted by his father's company. So he hatched a plan to create his own perfect planet: New Quartu. At this point he allied with Dr. Nefarious - who had plans to develop the Deplanetizer battle station, which Drek could use as part of his plan. Drek then had several planets deplanetized in order to collect the parts so that they could be added to New Quartu.


Chairman Drek's first target was planet Tenemule, a small, unpopulated planet in the Solana Galaxy. After moving the massive, newly built Deplanetiser into orbit around the planet, he began his speech in front of hisBlarg goons, not before warning them to stop texting. He was almost finished his speech when he discovered that Stanley, one of his Blarg underlings, was still texting.

The Blarg Faction followed Chairman Drek's rule when he suggested building a new planet. Blarg were commissioned into Drek's Army, and many intelligent members of the race had joined the scientist department. Blarg scientists were stationed at Nebula G34 making and growing new organic creatures such as the top-secret Blargian Snagglebeast to assist the Blarg.

Blarg Trooper (re-imagined)

Drek and his prime lieutenant Victor Von Ion came to visit Nefarious in Quartu's robot factory to check on the new Warbot troops. The three noticed a defect that attempted to escape, and so Drek sent Victor after him. However, the defect escaped, so the chairman sent his forces after it. However, a Lombax named Ratchet found the defect and repaired him, protecting him from the Blarg forces. Drek also sent out a message to his Blarg forces explaining that there new Warbot army would soon commence an attack on the Galactic Ranger's home base at the Hall of Heroes.

Drek's Warbot attack of Aleero City failed and the Warbots were destroyed by Ratchet and Clank, angering Drek, however his Blarg forces still remained inside the city. The troops attempted to destroy the Hall of Heroes using a bomb being transported by a grav train, however the plot was foiled by Ratchet.

Blarg Scientist re-imagined

During the grand opening of the Mcmarx Sports Shack, three Blarg ask Skid McMarx to sign the schematics for Drek's Hydro Harvesters, which he did, however the hoverboarder forgot to give back the schematics back, and the Blarg attacked him. Skid escaped, but his agent, Don Wonderstar, was chased behind the shack. After saving Skid from the Sandsharks, Ratchet and Clank saved Don.Drek's Amoeboid army later attacked planet Rilgar. Ratchet and Clank arrived at Rilgar to compete in theHoverboard races, and helped in wiping out the creatures.

At some point, they had set up a bio- lab in Nebula G34, where they experimented on creatures such as Alien Snappers. Drek often spoke to his scientists in the lab via speakers, telling them things such as that if they disagreed with any of his plans, they could report their query to one of the armed murderous Warbots patrolling the halls. He also reminded them that if any of his Blarg soldiers were caught attempting to feed the Blargian Snagglebeast, they would be its next meal.

Blarg Commander (re-imagined)

Eventually, the bio-lab became infested with Alien Swarmers, forcing them to abandon their Blarg Warship. Ratchet and Clank eventually visited the lab, and destroyed all of his experiments, including the Blargian Snagglebeast. They then interrogated one of his scientists. The duo also destroyed the abandoned warship, after taking a Predator Launcher, one of Drek's experiments, from the ship. Clank also explored the outside of Nebula, where he found a pair of Mag Boots.

The Blarg at some point also set up a large Blarg Depot inside the Lava Fields of Gaspar. The base was under the control of the Brain Scientist, a Blarg scientist with a strange obsession with Telepathopus brains. The Blarg at the depot constructed weapons and gadgets for the Blargian cause. This base was infiltrated by Ratchet and Clank, who ended up finding and taking a pair of Grind Boots.The duo also met the Brain Scientist, who used them to collect brains for his telepathic army. The Scientist also gave them a Jetpack, another one of Drek's experiments.

Much later, Drek sent his forces to Fort Krontos on planet Batalia to destroy the Starwatch Defence Cannon, in order to make safe passage for their Harvesters, utilizing massive Blarg Battleships. However, Ratchet, Clank, and Cora Veralux faced his Blarg forces, and used the cannon to take out the Battleships.

Blarg Helicopter (re-imagined)

After his defeat on Batalia, Drek sent his huge millipede- likeHydroharvesters to take water from the Jowai Resort on Pokitaru. This alerted the resort owner, Felton Razz, who called his brother,Grimroth. Grim told Ratchet, so the Lombax, along with Clank, travelled to Pokitaru. After escorting Felton to the other side of the resort and receiving a ship upgrade from Big Al, the duo used their Class G Star Jumper's tesla rockets to destroy the Hydro Harvesters. They then took out the Amoeboids in the resort's sewer system.

Blarg Saucer (re-imagined)

When the Galactic Rangers attacked Quartu, Drek escaped before they could confront him. However, they managed to track him to the Deplanetizer, which Ratchet attempted to take down himself. Once Ratchet made it to Drek's Office, the chairman revealed his plan to keep Deplanitising planets, until the galaxy was full of Blarg owned planets forged not by nature, but by company.

Later, Ratchet was caught off guard by Drek via Mag-Net Launcher and was sent away - spared so that Ratchet could witness his failure in stopping Novalis' destruction.

The Blarg also attacked the Gadgetron Corporation HQ for the weapons and gadgets manufactured by the company. They kidnapped Gadgetron employees, and also flooded the Gadgetron Sponsored HoverboardRaces. Eventually, the duo, Ratchet and Clank, took out the Blarg all over the city.

As the Deplanetizer was moved into Umbris orbit so that it could be deplanetized, Qwark (who had allied himself with the Blarg) confronted the chairman about how part of the deal was that his rangers would not be harmed, Drek stated that he had no choice and then tried to get Qwark to leave, with Qwark attempting to warn Drek that working with Nefarious was a mistake, as he was incredibly dangerous.

Blarg warship (re-imagined)

Drek did not heed his warning, and was incredibly pleased as Nefraious came in - proclaiming that they were a dream team and that they should make T-shirts. Nefarious had Qwark leave, and then as Drek began talking with him he was caught off guard by Nefarious, who sheepinated him. Now a sheep, Drek was dragged away by Nefarious and placed into a space shuttle, and launched away to crash land into New Quartu. Drek died upon contact with the planet.

The Blarg, having lost their chairman and artificial homeworld, were (presumably) either forced to stay on their original homeworld, planet Quartu, or move to different planets. It is unknown what exactly became of the Blarg after the destruction of their artificial planet. Either way, Ratchet and Clank had ended the reign of Drek and saved the Solana Galaxy.




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