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The term "Blargian faction" is conjectural. The real name is unknown, and a non-canonical nickname or title is used instead. See the reasons for this title in the "Behind the scenes" section below and/or the relevant discussion on the talk page, if they exist.

Blargian faction
Drek Broadcast

Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman Drek

The Blargian faction was once a powerful faction within the Solana Galaxy. The faction was headed by the Blargian Government from the governing body of planet Orxon, and possibly other locations, and the seat of power of the Blarg species. It was seemingly a faction of businessmen and technocrats, and had a primary industry of mining. However, most notably was it's great military power, enough to launch a campaign across the Solana Galaxy from their home in the Shadow Sector, although it primarily only attacked planets that were not a part of the Solana Galactic Government so as not to cause a war.


Drek's success as a chairman and businessman quickly led him to the status of leader of the Blargian Government. However, driven by greed, he launched a scheme that first involved secretly overpolluting his own homeworld. When it was rendered inhospitable to life, Drek ordered the military to invade the other planets of the Solana Galaxy to extract their choicest planetary components, such as independent planets in the Shadow Sector, and even worlds occupied by the Galactic Government, who seemed oblivious to the invasions. He would then use parts of these planets to assemble a a new planet for the Blarg. This way, Drek could coin tremendous amounts of cash when his own species paid to inhabit the new planet.



The army reigned terror on landmarks across Solana, and soon, the planet was completed. The scientists discovered the ideal orbit for the planet; Veldin. In order to secure the orbit, the planet occupying the coordinates needed to be wiped out, and the PlanetBuster Maximus was created on Hoven to drop the warhead on Veldin. But Ratchet and Clank foiled these plans, and a new plan was needed, so the Deplanetizer was constructed. In the skies of Veldin, Ratchet confronted Drek aboard the Deplanetizer. Drek was killed and the Deplanetizer hijacked to destroy the world they created.

With their leader's demise, most foreign territories revoked, and chances of reforming on a new world gone forever, they soon found a way to live past the pollution (which still continued to plague Orxon just three years later), and their mining industry continued to thrive. They secured a deal with Vox Industries for a DreadZone battlecourse to be made weekly on the planet.

Four years later, Doctor Nefarious formed an alliance with the Blargian faction to participate in the takeover of the Great Clock. However, Nefarious was defeated before the Blarg could properly get involved.


The Blargian Government was headed by an "Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman." Other known positions of power are "Chairman", "Executive Chairman", and "Supreme Executive Chairman", and the only known example was Drek. The process of power is unknown as well as the length of their terms. The leader commanded the military and all departments of the country.

The leader of the military and aide of the Ultimate Supreme Executive Chairman was given the title of Lieutenant, the only example being the Robot Lieutenant.

The primary developer of technology was Blarg Industries.


The Blargian Military's soldiers included Blargians who held different ranks, regular soldiers included Blarg Troopers, Blarg Bombthrowers, and Blarg Space Commandos, higher ups were the Blarg Commanders and Blarg Gas Mask Commanders, and their most elite forces were the Blarg Elite Guards.

The military was; however, primarily compromised of robots built for combat, combat robots included: Electroids (and the upgraded PlasmaBot), Peckbots (and the upgraded Robosquawker), Birdbots, Giant Robots, Robomutts (and the upgraded Robomutt v2.0), Mine Layers, Blarg Paratroopers, Scoutbots, Chompers, Seekers, Sentry-bots, Ultra-Mech Unlimiteds, and rarely Dark Gadgebots.

They also would utilize the likes of stationary auto Machine Gun Turrets to mow down enemies, and Blarg Generators to quickly create and send in basic robots to combat foes. Spiderbots who fired lasers from their back were used to defend underwater areas.

The military also utilized several vehicles: ground vehicles included Cannonball Tanks and their superior Rocket Tank variant. Flying vehicles included: bomber aircraftmachine gun helicopters, missile launcher helicopters, one man attack ships, mind-controlled jet fighters, search vehicles, armed transports, destroyers, and warships. The greatest vessels of the Blargian Army were in Drek's Fleet, the primary fleet of the Navy. An elite starfighter and an incredibly powerful mech were also developed for usage by the Government's leader. Two planet destroyer weapons were created, the Planet Buster Maximus Ship and the Deplanetizer.

The only known commanders of the Army were the Robot Lieutenant, and his former commander. Qwark was also given a commanding position during his time as an ally to Drek. The Ultimate Supreme Executive Drek possessed complete control of the military, and the Blarg as a whole.

Other technology

The Blarg invinted robots for the purpose of cutting down trees, including Saw BotsAxe Bots, and Large Axe Bots. Several varieties of ships were also created for cutting down trees or carrying logs.

They were able to engineer special helmets which could allow for certain fighter ships to be controlled via the mind, and also shoes that would stick to metallic surfaces, and a gadget that could suck up multiple pools worth of water despite being only the size of a gun.

Alongside Gadgetron, the Blarg also developed the original R.Y.N.O.; however, they gained very little credit for this, as it was owned by and utilized by Gadgetron.

Known members


  • Orxon - Blarg home world, completely controlled by the race.
  • Drek's planet - The planned replacement of Orxon.

Foreign territories

  • Novalis - Extracted of resources and a portion of the planet. Novalis presumably drifted into its sun and exploded.
  • Eudora - Occupied and logged most of its trees and plant life, then began destroying any remaining trees. Current status unknown.
  • Blarg Tactical Research Station, Nebula G34 - Constructed for apprenticeship for working in science and technology. Current status unknown.
  • Gaspar - Used as a test site and refinery. Current status unknown.
  • Bomb Factory, Hoven - Occupied for Raritanium and local bomb industry. Current status unknown.
  • Oltanis - Occupied and demolished for power generators, Gemlik Base built on a moon in Oltanis' orbital asteroid field. Current status unknown.
  • Quartu - Primary equipment, munitions, and technology factory of the army. Current status unknown.
  • Ghost Station - Built in a secret location for unknown reasons. Abandoned (likely due to the undead beginning to appear) and taken over by Vox Industries for a DreadZone battlecourse. It was destroyed in its first use

Occupations and attempted invasions

  • Metropolis, Kerwan - Briefly occupied to hunt Ratchet and Clank.
  • Batalia - Attacked for unknown reasons. However, it was not a simple takeover, as they were suffering setbacks from attacks by military assets on the planet. Ratchet and the Commando shot down the Blarg Destroyers, and the consequences of this to the Blarg's invasion effort are unknown. After Drek's defeat, it was ceded to whichever organization led Batalia prior to the invasion.
  • Pokitaru - Used the planet as a junkyard for dumping toxic wastes into the oceans.
  • Gadgetron Site, Kalebo III - Invaded to capture Ratchet, and destroy Gadgetron Corporation, if necessary. The invasion was defeated and the Blarg invaders surrendered and retreated off-planet.
  • Kyzil Plateau, Veldin - Originally invaded to capture Clank. The Deplanetizer was later placed here, with the primary fleet stationed orbitally. Attack failed and the planet was ceded to the Galactic Government.

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