Blarg warship
Blarg warship (re-imagined)

The Blarg warship was a warship in Nebula G34 which Ratchet and Clank boarded to find a top-secret blarg project: the Predator Launcher. Ratchet fought his way through the blarg and found the secret weapon, which caused the blarg warship to begin a self-destruct sequence upon picking it up, after which Ratchet and Clank narrowly escaped the warship.


  • In Challenge Mode, given the player has already acquired the Predator Launcher, Raritanium will take its place.
  • In the original, it was required for Ratchet & Clank to board the warship in order to get coordinates to a new planet, while in the reboot it is an optional mission to go aboard the warship to get a new weapon.


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