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Blarg scientist

The Blarg scientist was a top member of Drek's scientific team, involved in creating weapons such as the PlanetBuster Maximus, Ultra-Mech Unlimited, and the Pilot's Helmet.


Ratchet & Clank (2002)

Drek abducted the Blarg scientist from planet Orxon. He was held at gunpoint by Drek's robot lieutenant until he gave in and agreed to work for him.

The Blarg scientist was first featured in the infobot for planet Gaspar, demonstrating the use of the Pilot's Helmet. He appeared in another infobot, which was for planet Hoven. He was also involved in the development of the PlanetBuster Maximus. He made one last appearence in the infobot for planet Quartu, where he was testing out the Ultra-Mech Unlimited. It showed him and another scientist being blasted by the robot right when the video ended.

After Ratchet and Clank left planet Oltanis, the Blarg scientist observed them on a screen from Drek's Fleet, speculating that Qwark failed to eliminate them. At this time, Drek's new planet was near completion, and he requested the scientist to think of a full-proof plan to remove the world that was occupying their selected orbit. The scientist, however, was rather distracted while Drek was waiting for an answer, making Drek face-palm himself.


The Blarg scientist had reddish skin. He wore blue glasses with a yellow trim around them, along with a white and blue outfit, and he was often seen carrying a clipboard.


  • The Blarg scientist's character model had less detail significantly compared to that of Drek, particularly around his mouth.
  • In the promotional video of the Ultra-Mech, the Blarg scientist is seen standing next to another scientist, whose appearance is identical to his.


Blarg Scientist

The Blarg scientist, attempting to show off the Pilot's Helmet in action at the Blarg Depot, planet Gaspar