Blarg Trooper
Blarg Trooper (re-imagined)

Blarg Troopers were the main soldiers in Drek's army. They wielded a standard blaster weapon.


Blarg Troopers were sent to Kyzil Plateau, in order to capture Clank, along with warbots and Blarg Dropship Model X67s. Most of the troops sent there were destroyed. During the Blarg invasion of Novalis, Troopers accompanied Birdbots and Peckbot to the Tobruk Crater, where they attacked the mayor, Abner Buckwash. Eventually, Ratchet and Clank destroyed all the invaders and saved the mayor. Blarg Troopers also played a minor role in the invasion of Kerwan, being led by Blarg Commanders. They also pilot Blarg Helicopters, as well as Blarg Saucers and the large Blargian Warship.

Later, on Aridia, the Blarg met Skid McMarx, who accidently took plans for the Hydroharvesters. Troopers were then sent to destroy him, but instead found his agent, Don Wonderstar. They threatened to feed him to the Sandsharks. However, Ratchet and Clank were able to save Don by taking out the Blarg.Troopers also guarded Gaspar, along with Blarg Space Commandos, until Ratchet and Clank infiltrated the base and destroyed them. Blarg later also attacked Pokitaru, but were once again stopped by the duo.Finally, Troopers guarded the Deplanetiser. All of the Blarg ended up fleeing the Deplanetiser back to Quartu before it entered Umbris's atmosphere and disintegrated.


Weapons & Abilities

Blarg Troopers carry short-range blasters, which are capable of small amounts of damage. They are fast and agile, often travelling in large groups.

Similar Enemies

Blarg Bombthrowers

Blarg Bombthrowers are a small Blarg enemy identicle to troopers, except with goggles. On Batalia, they attack by throwing long-range bombs, then leaping into the snow. On Kalebo III and the Deplanetiser, they attack by just throwing bombs.

Blarg Pilots

Blarg Pilots are enemies completely identicle to Blarg Troopers that pilot Blarg Helicopters, Blarg Saucers, Blarg Starfighters and other Blarg craft.

Blarg Officers

Blarg Officers are tall Blarg that control the Deplanetiser. They have a white suit, an earpiece and a pointed hat. Some also where yellow goggles.


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