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The Blarg Tactical Research Station (BTS) is a space station located in Nebula G34 in the Solana Galaxy, and appears in Ratchet & Clank. It is Drek's research lab and a weapon testing center for the blarg, connected to several asteroids in the nebula to refine their metals for testing. The station is used to test many gadgets, and contains mutant aliens as well as blarg commandos.


Ratchet and Clank arrived after an Infobot on Eudora gave them coordinates to the station. Here, they could both explore the space station, travel to a warship located outside, and Clank could venture outside the airlock where Ratchet was unable to breathe. While exploring the station, the two encountered an Alien Queen, an enormous Space Mutant, before finally meeting Fred. Fred was an engineer who developed the Grind Boots, and purchase them for 2,000 bolts, which he claimed was the price including the employee discount.

The two also took a shuttle to the warship outside, which contained new blargian technology. After pressing the "big red shiny button" in the command bridge of the warship, the ship began to self destruct, commencing a countdown for them to leave. Doing so allowed them to flee before it was destroyed, and then view an Infobot containing a news report on and coordinates to planet Rilgar.

When journeying outside the airlock into space, Clank explored several areas outside, and commanded Gadge-Bots to allow him to proceed further. Eventually, he found the Hydrodisplacer before returning to Ratchet. Ratchet was unable to venture outside the airlock until acquiring an O2 Mask.

Behind the scenes


Chad Dezern's drawing that became the inspiration for BTS

Insomniac Games artist Chad Dezern (now the North Carolina studio director) drew a piece of concept art named "Asteroid Observatory" for the first game that showed many of the hallmarks of a trademark Ratchet & Clank level - hoses, antennae, and clustered building composition. This picture later became the inspiration for Nebula G34 - Blarg Tactical Research Station, or as they called it back then, level 6.

According to cut audio files, the Gemlik Base was originally going to be located at Nebula G34 instead, and Gold Weapons would be bought from here instead.[citation needed]

In each of the small computer monitors scattered around the station, if the first person view was used to see the screen, Dan Johnson's face was visible with an arrow pointing at him.