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Nebula G34

The Blarg Tactical Research Station (BTS) was Drek's research lab and weapon-testing center. The Grind Boots were developed here, as well as many other illegal gadgets. The Station was in the Nebula G34 and was connected to several asteroids to refine the metal in them for testing.

On return visits, the player would find that the Blarg Space Commandos scattered around the main path to the grind boots were mostly replaced with Space Mutants.

Testing Station

Blarg Ship

The Blargian Warship

While in BTS, Ratchet and Clank could travel to a warship outside the Station, which contained new Blargian technology. The duo could "press the big red shiny button" to activate the warship's self-destruct system, which would cause a countdown to commence, giving Ratchet and Clank enough time to escape the ship before it exploded.

Outside BTS


Ratchet using the Grind Boots in BTS

Clank could be controlled for the first time in the Ratchet & Clank games by exploring outside the station, where Ratchet could not go without an O2 Mask. It was there that the gadgebots made their first appearance, and where Clank found the Hydrodisplacer.


While exploring the station, Ratchet and Clank encountered the Alien Queen, a huge version of the Space Mutants encountered throughout BTS.

Characters on BTS






  • A planet resembling neptune was visible outside the station.
  • According to cut audio files, the Gemlik Base was originally going to be located at Nebula G34 instead, and Gold Weapons would be bought from here instead.
  • If the player were in the little orange room or area with several fumes and the Versa Swingshot targets, they could look up at the ceiling and they would see that it was actually an open area above, but Ratchet could still somehow breathe.
  • Insomniac Games artist Chad Dezern (now the North Carolina studio director) drew a piece of concept art named "Asteroid Observatory" for the first game that showed many of the hallmarks of a trademark Ratchet & Clank level - hoses, antennae, and clustered building composition. This picture later became the inspiration for Nebula G34 - Blarg Tactical Research Station, or as they called it back then, level 6.

    Chad Dezern's drawing that became the inspiration for BTS

Easter egg

In each of the small computer monitors scattered around the station, if the first person view was used to see the screen, Dan's face was visible with an arrow pointing at him.