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Blarg Space Commandos were a type of Blarg soldier stationed in areas where breathing was difficult or impossible that let out waves of fire on the ground with via their guns when Ratchet approached them. 

The ones in the BTS and on Orxon attacked with solid streams of fire while the ones on the Gemlik Moonbase used a parted stream that looked almost like a perforation line. These soldiers wore oxygen bubbles, which allowed them to breathe in polluted areas or space. After being hit, the bubble would break.


In the Year 5354, Blarg Space Commandos were among the Blarg forces which terrorised the Solana Galaxy in an attempt to gain a new planet for their race. The soldiers were stationed as guards at several Blargian controlled areas where breathing gear was needed for survival.

In-game information

Recommended tactics for attacking

One of the best ways of attacking them without losing health is by easily jumping over their attack, then using the Wrench.