Blarg Saucer
Blarg Saucers were small, gray blarg spaceships. These ships served as the primary ships in Chairman Drek's blargian fleet.


Blargian Saucers are small, fast ships. They wield dual rapid laser turrets.The ships are piloted by Blarg Troopers, and are used to bomb locations invaded by the blarg, such as Kerwan or Novalis, as well as to escort larger battleships.

A blarg pilot of a saucer shot down Ratchet and Clank's ship over Novalis. While on Novalis, three saucers replace the Blarg Bombers that originally bombed the bridge in the Torbruk Crater. Later, on Pokitaru, they escort the blarg Hydroharvesters. They would drop ammo and health when destroyed by Ratchet's ship.

The color of their domes varied: they could be orange, green, or red. The ships were dispatched when the Galactic Rangers attacked the Deplanitiser.


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