Blarg re imagine
The blarg

Blarg Officers were tall, thin, and cowardly Blarg troops. They were the core of Drek's forces, working on computers on the Deplanetiser and Quartu. They had, however, a tendency to send text messages instead of actually working.


The Blarg Officers were seen on the Deplanetiser, where Drek punished one, Stanley, for texting right after he told all the Blarg not to text. The Blarg Officers then activated the Deplanetiser and destroyed planet Tenemule.When the Galactic Rangers attacked the Blarg base on Quartu, five officers helped Drek persuade Qwark to join them, which he eventually agreed to.When the Galactic Rangers attacked the Deplanetiser, they engaged them inside Blarg Starfighters. Shortly before the Deplanetiser was destroyed, all the officers retreated back to their home planet, Quartu.


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