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The Blarg Helicopter Commander were Blarg Commanders that piloted helicopters fitted with machine guns.

One of them appeared over a bridge in Metropolis, Kerwan, and others appeared later on planet Quartu while Giant Clank was going to the Testing Area to destroy the Ultramechs.

They looked quite similar to the Blarg Rocket Helicopter Commanders on Hoven, except that Helicopter Commanders had a machine gun turret instead of a rocket launcher.


It was possible to dodge the bullets, even without the Heli-pack; however, it is recommended to destroy the chopper. If players do not have access to longer ranged weapons like the Devastator or the Visibomb gun, (on new game files, this is not possible) the Blaster is the best weapon available for purchase, to hit the Helicopter without going into its range.

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  • Early in development, they were completely plain silver in color.