Blarg Gunners appeared in large shells that had a small slit with the barrel of a Minigun. Ratchet first encountered them when he abandoned the Qwarktastic Ship at Gemlik Moonbase in search for a new ship and to get revenge against Qwark. When Ratchet got near or in the vicinity of a Blarg Gunner, they would fire a barrage of bullets at him.

The only downside of fighting them was that Blarg Gunners rotated their bodies to face you when you were close. In gameplay, a recommended way to fight a Blarg Gunner was to dodge its bullets and get behind it. After he could not find Ratchet, they would whack their guns to see if he was clogged, which provided a great opportunity to whack them with your wrench.


Another way to defeat them was to launch the Glove of Doom on them and they would get behind the Blarg Gunner and kill it.