Blarg Dumper

Hydroharvesters were massive water absorbing vessels designed by Drek Industries. Resembling a flying millipede, they carried large amounts of water and were capable of saping entire oceans dry.

The Harvesters were very well protected by armor with only Telsa Rockets being powerful enough to cause damage to the Harvesters.


The Hydroharvesters were first mentioned by Skid McMarx when he accidentally revealed the plans for the illegal project in a video message while on Aridia because of this, the Blarg had tried to kill him as well as his agent.

Later on, Blarg Chairman Drek would later go on to send his troops to pilot and defend the Harvesters as they tried to sap Pokitaru's fresh water supply dry so the Blarg could have fresh water for their new homeworld.

This caused the native wildlife such as the Puffoids to be driven to land and become very hostile towards beachgoers. Ratchet & Clank had been taken to Galactic Ranger Engineer Big Al by Felton Razz. Al provided Ratchet with the Telsa Rocket upgrade he needed to take down the Harvesters. The rockets worked successfully and with the Harvesters out of commission the Blarg had retreated.

Artwork Weapon Hydro Harvester

Concept Art for the Hydroharvesters


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