Blarg Destroyer
Blargian Destroyer Ship

The Blarg Destroyer was a ship which the Blarg used to attack planets through bombings in the original Ratchet & Clank (2002 game) game. Ratchet destroyed a group of them using an old defense turret on Planet Batalia. A parked group of Blarg destroyers could also be found at the Blarg Depot on planet Gaspar - a skill point could be earned for taking them all out. They were destroyed by destroying their pumps, which caused a chain reaction, destroying the Destroyer.

There were three types of Blarg Destroyers seen on Batalia. The smallest one had two pod rings that had to be destroyed in order to bring down the vessel, and it was the shortest in terms of length. The second type of Destroyer also had two pod rings, but sported two distinctive engines that jutted out from the bridge on a pair of pylons. The last type of Destroyer had three pod rings and was longer than the other Destroyers.

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