Blarg Commander
Blarg Commander (re-imagined)

Blarg Commanders were the commanding units of the Blargian Mercenaries. They wielded rapid-fire blasters, and are first encountered on Kerwan.


Blarg Commanders were a specialised variation of standard Blargian units, serving as Chairman Drek's commanding officers. They were giant, muscular Blarg, who commanded the Blargian Mercenaries on several occasions. During the invasion of Aleero City on Planet Kerwan, though Warbots were the main attack force, Blarg commanders lead other Blarg as well as Robomutts through the city while the Warbots attacked the Galactic Rangers in the Hall of Heroes. Commanders would face Ratchet in the city, but were promptly destroyed. The mag-trains that went through the city were swarmed with Blarg Commanders, but they were soon cleared by Ratchet.

Blarg Commanders also kept order at Nebula G34, along with Space commandos. Several commanders were also found inside the Blarg Warship, but all were either destroyed by Ratchet or died in the explosion that consumned the ship.

Encountered on


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