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Blarg Commander

The Blarg Commanders were the first Blarg enemies Ratchet faced. They carried a large gun, which fired missiles which moved slightly toward their target, even if aimed away from them. They would often run away from Ratchet and Clank to attain a safer range from which to shoot the Lombax.

The Blarg Commander's missiles could be disintegrated in midair by using the Walloper. In other case, they can command Robomutts to attack Ratchet. Finally, like most of Drek's soldiers, they can provide a melee attack with their gun when Ratchet is too close to them. Obviously, they command other members of the Blarg.


Concept art


The Blarg Commanders can be described to have a much more muscular physic than normal Blarg Troopers. They have a much more built upper torso with thin, nimble legs. They can run faster than Ratchet by only a bit and can only be stopped mid-retreat by Ratchet's Hyper Strike move.

They can be seen wearing a T-shirt under what seems to be a row of armored plating. Above that is what looks to be a sling for ammunition with a golden buckle in the center. They are also equipped with a field radio with a long antenna on their back.

This could either be used to call other units, or are a means of which they control the Robomutts. One interesting addition to their apparel, is their MagneBoot looking footwear. It is unclear if these are in-fact MagneBoots, or a similar design to them.