Blarg Bombthrower
Blarg Bombthrowers are a type of Blargian Mercenary. Incredibly similar to Blarg Troopers, only with goggles, they throw bombs at their foes and hide in the snow. They are hard to catch, but still incredibly weak.


These pesky little Blarg would hide in the snow on Batalia, then jump out periodically to chuck a bomb at Ratchet. They are almost identicle to Blarg Troopers, except they wear goggles and have two antennae on their backs. Like Troopers, they have two containers on their backs full of green liquid, and metal boots. Bombthrowers also have a line of bombs strapped to their slim bodies.

Blargian Bombthrowers are first seen on Gaspar, where they guard the underground grav-ramp. They later appear on Batalia, along with Cannonball Tanks and Bladeballs. They hide in the snow, occasionally jumping out in order to throw a grenade at Ratchet, Clank, and Cora. Bombthrowers also took part in the Blarg Invasion of Kalebo III, where they accompanied Blarg Elite Guards.

They often throw bombs from a long distance, or from high up, on Kalebo.They also guarded the many hallways of the Deplanetiser, accompanied by Blarg Troopers, Space Commandos and Elite Guards. They, along with the other Blarg, fled the Deplanetiser shortly before its destruction.

Encountered on

Behind the scenes

While going unnamed in-game, these enemies acted as the equivalents of the Blarg Bombthrower from the original PS2 game.


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