Artwork Weapon Armed Transport

The Blarg Armored Transport, also known as the Dropship of Death or Blarg Dropship Model X67, was a type of ship utilized by the Blarg. Ratchet encountered these various time while fighting against the Blarg.

Not only did it spawn enemies, but it also fired a rain of lasers on its opponents.


Armoured Transports are first seen on Veldin. They are sent to capture Clank after he crashes here. They can be seen flyping around using spotlights, and occasionally one will spawn Blarg Troopers.

Eventually, one attacks Ratchet, firing rapid lasers at him. It will periodically stop to reload, giving Ratchet the chance to attack the ship.

Later on, Armoured Transports take part in the Blarg invasion of Aleero City. Ratchet must destroy several of these before he is able to take down the Class G Dreadship. They are escorted by smaller Blargian Saucers.

The Transports also help find Skidd Mcmarx, dropping off troops to attack Skidd's Agent, , Don Wonderstar. Both the transports and the Troops are promptly disposed of by Ratchet and Clank.They also patrol Gaspar, along with Warbots and other Blarg.

They also serve as the re-imagined counterpart to Armed Transports on Kalebo III, dropping off Blarg Elite Guards and Blarg Bombthrowers. Finally, one is fought on board the Deplanetiser. It doesn't drop off anything, only attacking.


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