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The Blarg are a violent and dangerous race of mercenaries in the Solana Galaxy that were native to the heavily polluted planet Quartu.


The Blarg originated on Quartu, which had become overpopulated and poisonous due to Chairman Alonzo Drek's father's company. Because of this, they were forced to live underground where it was cold, dark, and wet. The Blarg followed Chairman Drek's rule when he suggested building a new planet calling it New Quartu. Blarg were commissioned into Drek's Army, and many intelligent members of the race had joined the scientist department.

Blarg scientists were stationed at Nebula G34 making and growing new organic creatures such as the top-secret Blargian snagglebeast to assist the Blarg. According to Captain Qwark, the Blarg had once played a major role in the extinction of the Lombax race resulting in Ratchet being the last known Lombax. After New Quartu's destruction, they likely either spread to other planets or returned to Quartu.

The Blarg vary in physique. Their eyes can be fully yellow or more human like with pupils. They range from diminutive to rather muscular and bulky figures. Females were seen to have hair and when they become older their hair would age become gray.



Known members