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The blarg (occasionally spelled blaarg) are a hostile species from the Solana Galaxy that feature as the main antagonists in Ratchet & Clank. They are a race of inventors and engineers that make up a corporation led by Chairman Drek, which produces robots (including sentry-bots on Quartu, a line of robots of which Clank is a defect) and other weapons and gadgets. The race originates from planet Orxon, a planet that became inhospitable due to pollution, and under the leadership of Drek, then sought to build a new homeworld for their people by destroying and taking the pieces of other planets.

The blarg are a humanoid species of inventors, which make use of a variety of weaponry. Ratchet and Clank fight several different blarg soldiers, such as the blarg trooper and the blarg space commando, as well as their various machines such as the blarg armored transport. Many weapons and gadgets such as the original R.Y.N.O. and the Grind Boots were also originally developed by the blarg.


Ratchet & Clank


The Blarg

After planet Orxon had become so overpopulated and poisonous, the blarg were no longer able to dwell there, prompting Chairman Drek to construct a new home for the blarg. Clank, a defected sentry-bot created on Quartu, learned from an infobot that the blarg planned to use a harvester to collect a piece of planet Novalis for use in a new planet, which would cause Novalis to be destroyed if used. Clank then teamed up with Ratchet, a lombax from Veldin, to attempt to stop Chairman Drek. The blarg would then be sent by Drek to various worlds to try and eliminate them so they would not interfere in his plans.

The blarg began to harvest trees on planet Eudora for use on their new world. Drek then ordered his Robot Lieutenant to destroy the remaining trees, before Ratchet and Clank arrived at Eudora forced him to flee the planet. Following this, the blarg constructed the PlanetBuster Maximus missile on Hoven, which they would use to destroy a planet located at the perfect star system in order to place their new planet there. The blarg later attacked planet Oltanis from the Gemlik Base orbiting the planet, to steal its power generators used to create the new planet's lightning storms.

The blarg finally identified the perfect orbit for their new planet as Veldin, and constructed a Deplanetizer laser to destroy it so their new planet could be moved there. Ratchet and Clank instead returned to Veldin, defeated Chairman Drek and used the Deplanetizer to instead destroy their new world.

Subsequent appearances

Gleeman Vox Blarg

A female blarg pictured on Vox's copy of Blargs Gone Wild

Following the defeat of Chairman Drek, the blarg became relatively inactive, only mentioned a few times.

The term "blarg" became used as an insult throughout the universe. Notably, in Deadlocked, Ratchet spouted the insult "blarg-headed frack monkey" due to the faulty speech circuitry in his DreadZone suit. Later, in Tools of Destruction, Emperor Tachyon compared the smell of kerchu with blarg dung.

By the time of A Crack in Time, the were mentioned as having made an alliance with Dr. Nefarious, as they were mentioned as being capable of helping Nefarious with using the Great Clock. Later, in All 4 One, Dr. Nefarious said he has once wished that the blarg would tear Qwark limb from limb.




Chairman Drek

The blarg have orange-red skin, and distinctive pair of glowing blue or gold eyes. They vary widely in physique, ranging from diminutive to muscular and bulky figures.


The blarg originally resided on their homeworld of planet Orxon, until overpopulation and pollution meant the planet was no longer hospitable, as the water became toxic and the air no longer breathable. The new homeworld was designed to be perfect for blarg habitation.

The blarg have territory elsewhere, though it is primarily used as bases for their scientists to develop machinery. These include the Blarg Tactical Research Station in Nebula G34, the refinery on planet Gaspar, a bomb factory on Hoven, and a robot factory on Quartu. The blarg also constructed the Ghost Station arena, which was later used by DreadZone.


The blarg are brilliant inventors who have developed technology used throughout Solana. However, many of their soldiers and employees are depicted as unintelligent or incompetent, and contrast to Drek. The blarg possessed a large military might.

The blarg did occasionally employ other scientists. Fred and the Ultra-Mech Scientist are both scientists of other species entirely.



Sentry-bots, a blarg robot

Blarg technology at its height has been capable of adapting minor quantum compression technology, building planet destroying syperweapons such as the Deplanetizer and the PlanetBuster Maximus, as well as planet sized harvesters.

The blarg specialized in creating robots. The sentry-bots, of which Clank is a defect, were created by the blarg, alongside many others such as the electroid, robomutt, peckbot, axebot, and sawbot.

The blarg also created several weapons and gadgets. These include the original R.Y.N.O., later adapted by Gadgetron. Blarg inventors also created the Grind Boots and Pilot's Helmet used to pilot Jet Fighters.

Additionally, the blarg created many warships. Many of these are seen in Drek's fleet, including the Dreadnought, Light Cruiser and Drek's flagship. Other starships featured that were fought by Ratchet, used to invade planets or harvest them. Another notable example is the blarg fighter, which Ratchet and Clank later steal and uses for themselves.



Name Location Description
Blarg trooper Eudora, Hoven Soldier with a weapon, fires energy bolt
Blarg commander Kerwan Large soldiers, fire slow-moving missile from pistol
Blarg bombthrower Batalia Throw bombs, occasionally hide in plants
Blarg space commando Blarg Tactical Research Station, Orxon, Gemlik Base Fire waves of fire at the ground
Blarg elite commando Kalebo III, Veldin Fly with jetpacks, fire three blasts from a pistol at a time


Name Location Description
Axebot Eudora Medium-sized, swings axe
Big Axebot Eudora Large, swings axe
Birdbot Novalis Medium-sized, fires cannon four/five times
Bolt thief Batalia, Kalebo III Small, lays mines on grind rails, drops large amount of bolts on destruction
Blarg generator Kerwan, Batalia, Gaspar Small, create other small robots such as robomutts, scoutbots, and chompers
Chomper Gaspar, Quartu, Kalebo III Small, bites opponent
Electroid Veldin Medium-sized, fires medium-range electric blast
Mine layer Kerwan Medium-sized, runs and throws mines
Peckbot Novalis Small, bites foe
Plasmabot Oltanis, Quartu Medium-sized, fires medium-range electric blast
Robomutt Kerwan, Drek's fleet Small, bites foe
Sawbot Eudora Small, spins saws
Seeker Gaspar, Kalebo III Small, flies towards foe and self-destructs after short period
Sentry-bot Quartu, Drek's fleet Large, fires blast or activates alarm when spotting enemy, can be fooled with hologuise


Name Location Description
Blarg saucer Orxon, Pokitaru, Veldin orbit Fighter craft, fire with lasers and missiles
Blarg minifighter Batalia Small fighter craft
Blarg destroyer Batalia Large bombing vessel
Blarg bomber Novalis Fighter craft, bombs ground
Blarg dumper Pokitaru Millipede-like vessel, dumps toxic waste
Minibomber Oltanis Small low-altitude bombers

Behind the scenes

Using deep red skin for the blarg allowed the enemies to pop in lush environments, while their cowl would bring focus to their brooding faces.[1]


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