Birdbot was a robot enem] which Ratchet and Clank encountered in Tobruk Crater, Novalis when Ratchet waslooking for a new ship. Together with peckbots, birdbots were used as the primary invasion force for Drek on Novalis. They are medium-sized robots, armored with yellow and gray metal framing, with a cannon on their right arm and an articulate three-fingered hand on their left arm.

Birdbots had a large torso but a relatively small head and legs. They achieved mobility only through the use of a jetpack, which allowed them to descend to the ground, whereupon they would proceed to shoot their cannons in quick succession. They otherwise remained somewhat stationary, only sometimes hovering to other places to create distance between themselves and their opponent. Their name comes from their anti-gravity capabilities, along with their slightly beaked face, and the fact that they are robots.


Once a birdbot sights its target, it will begin to shoot its cannon in quick succession four or five times. This requires the player to move quickly so as to avoid being hit. Once within reasonable proximity of the birdbot, it may then be easily disposed of by using the Bomb Glove. If within close proximity, it may also be taken out using a hyper-strike.


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