The Biker's Helmet

The biker helmet was a helmet that Ratchet obtained after winning his first Hoverbike race. It was flame colored and had spikes on the top. It was used to show that he was a member of the biker gang.


  • The biker was originally going to be the logo for the Synthenoids in Going Commando.
  • There was a glitch in the game. When the player completes the race in planet Barlow, a cutscene will start and later a video transmission from Thugs 4 Less will start too. If the player turn off the console in the video transmission, the next time the player play the game he will not get the Biker Helmet. If the player checks his Items menu, the helmet icon will not appear. However,the coordinates for the next location will be acquired.
    Render Biker Helmet

    Biker Helmet render


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