Yeah, I'm just here for the bake sales. (URP!) Oh yeah, yeah, I also make these cute cloves for all the guys.
―Biker Two explaining why he's a Desert Rider.  [GC]

Biker Two was a Desert Rider and a member of Thugs-4-Less.


Biker Two joined the Desert Riders mainly to participate in their bake sales and to make cute gloves for fellow members. He would occasionally race for fun though, and was known to race around Vukovar Canyon on planet Barlow, and the race tracks on Joba.[2]

Ratchet and Clank met him on Joba, where he accidentally mistook Clank for a customized crankshaft. After he realized Clank was a robot, he apologized to Clank and quickly put on his pink shades, claiming he could barely see anything without his shades.[2] Ratchet inquired about how one could enter the race, with Biker Two responding they had the Biker helmet, they were in. He then mentioned the prize was a pair of Charge Boots, which he hoped to win, since he claimed they would look real good with his leather chaps.[2]

Much to his dismay, Ratchet and Clank were able to get in first place during the race. Nevertheless, he gave the Charge Boots to Ratchet, claiming they would look pretty good on him.[2]

Vox News

Our Vox News investigation has uncovered shocking, untold stories from his dark, evil past! The destruction of civic property, illegal hoverbike gangs, inadequate hygiene!
Juanita Alvaro  [Deadlocked]

Biker Two, Ratchet, and Biker One

Biker Two was later briefly seen in a Vox News report with Ratchet and another Desert Rider on planet

Barlow. The image was obviously edited given the fact that Ratchet was wearing Marauder armor.[3]

Behind the scenes

Biker Two was voiced by Michael Bell in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.[1] Biker Two's name is not revealed in game but Michael Bell is credited as voicing the character "Biker Two."[1]


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