Biker One: Hey, who let you in here? Get lost before I flatten your robot into a hubcap!
Ratchet: Touch him, and it's plasma city!
―Oh, gosh! *sniff*You didn't have to yell! Why did you have to yell‽

Biker One was a Desert Rider and a member of Thugs-4-Less.


Becoming a Desert Rider and his encounter with Ratchet and Clank

Before I became a Desert Rider, I didn't fit in anywhere. I had a low self-esteem, bad breath, and a thing for ladies' undergarments, heh. But these guys understand me, they really do.
―Biker One explaining why he became a Desert Rider.  [GC]
Before he became a Desert Rider, Biker One did not fit in anywhere. He had a low self-esteem, bad breath, had sensitivity issues, and had a thing for ladies' undergarments.[2] However, he later on met the Desert Riders, a Hoverbike group affiliated with Thugs-4-Less. The Desert Riders excepted him for who he was, and Biker One finally found his niche where he fit in. He soon purchased a Hoverbike, which he called Bluebell, and raced around Vukovar Canyon on planet Barlow to bond with Desert Riders. At the same, he worked as a Thug-4-Less agent.[2] 
Biker One membership card

Biker One's membership card. Used by Ratchet as a temporary membership card

On one occasion when Bluebell was malfunctioning, he encountered Ratchet and Clank. Biker One threatened to turn Clank into a hubcap. Ratchet respond by threatening to pulverize the Desert Rider if he so much as touched Clank. Much to the surprise of both Ratchet and Clank, the Biker One began to cry, asking why Ratchet had to yell at him.[2] Ratchet attempted to calm the biker down, but he attempted to cover his ears and go "La La La!" to calm himself down. Clank was able to defuse the situation, stating they simply came to race. After the bike rider calmed down, he offered to let Ratchet and Clank use his bike, mentioning it needed some repairs. Ratchet promptly repaired Bluebell, and used the bike in a race, where he won first place.[2]

Biker One and Telescreen

Biker One pulls out his Telescreen in order to receive an incoming message from the boss

Biker One congratulated Ratchet and Clank for winning the race and gave them a Biker helmet to signify that they were now Desert Riders.[2] After giving them the helmet, he received a call from the Thugs Leader, ordering all members of Thugs-4-Less agents to meet in Sector 12345 in the Feltzin System.[2]

Vox News

Our Vox News investigation has uncovered shocking, untold stories from his dark, evil past! The destruction of civic property, illegal hoverbike gangs, inadequate hygiene!
Juanita Alvaro  [Deadlocked]

In a Vox News report, he was seen with Ratchet and another Desert Rider on planet Barlow.[3] Juanita Alvaro told viewers that Ratchet was member of the illegal hoverbike gang in which Biker One was a member of.[3] This was true; however, Vox News failed to mention Ratchet only joined the Desert Riders to collect information on a Thugs-4-Less operation in Sector 12345.[2][3] The photo used in the report was also forged, given the fact that Ratchet was wearing Marauder Armor in the clip, thus the "reunion" between Biker One, Biker Two and Ratchet was fake.[3]


So you understand my… sensitivities?
―Biker One on his personality.  [GC]

Biker One by his own accounts "didn't" fit in anywhere" before he discovered, Desert Riders and Thugs-4-Less.[2] He seemed to fit well with fellow riders, who understood him for who he was. His relationship with his boss at Thugs-4-Less, the Thug Leader, was more complicated, however. Biker One claimed, for example, The boss only yells at us because he loves us," following a broadcast by the Thug Leader, suggesting Biker One rationalized the boss' yelling at his employees as a sign of love.[2]

Biker One once had problems in the past with low self-esteem.[2]

His most revealing trait was perhaps his sensitivity.[2] He attempted to hide this trait from Ratchet and Clank when he first met them, by attempting to act tough and threatening to harm Clank if he didn't scram. However, his ruse failed when Ratchet threatened him with violence, causing him cry out loud, much to the surprise of Ratchet who wasn't aware that he was overly sensitive.[2]

When under emotional distress during his hostile confrontation with Ratchet, he attempted to cover his ears and say "I can't hear you, la la la!" to escape the conflict.[2]

Biker One was also known to have a thing for ladies undergarments in the past.[2]


Notes and references

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