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Behind the Hero

Behind the Hero was a HoloVision show.

The first show revolved around counting Ratchet and Clank's occupations after the defeat of Drek in Ratchet & Clank. However, after Ratchet and Clank began their adventures in the Bogon Galaxy, the next Behind the Hero shows then concentrated on following Qwark's perils at the hands of the law.

Having been fined 6 billion bolts for fraud links to Personal Hygenator Syndrome, Qwark had fled to planet Pokitaru, where he was caught and sent to jail. However, the former galactic hero eventually managed to escape by flushing himself down the prison toilet. After, there came many speculations regarding Qwark's disappearance, such as "did he become the victim of an overzealous fan?" "did he die heroically?" and finally "is he still out there?" Dividing these news between shows, Behind the Hero was Ratchet and Clank's means to learn all of this during Going Commando.