Batalia was a cold icy planet on which the Starwatch defense cannon was located, within Fort Krontos . Ratchet used the cannon to repel a large Blarg invasion led by Drek's troops. Ratchet and Cora fought their way to the fort and Ratchet manned the cannon, successfully blasting the Blarg warships out of the skies, making the Blarg troops repel back to Quartu. Ratchet & Clank also explored the grindrails where they eventually discovered an Infobot with a distress call from Grim.

Batalia (re-imagined)
Batalia (re-imagined) (2)



  • Rail Transit System
  • Fort Krontos

Characters on Batalia


Differences between original


  • Ratchet works with Cora to get to Fort Krontos, where in the original he traveled to the fort by himself.
  • The Commando is not involved in the story like he was in the original.
  • Instead of finding the Deserter at the end of the grindrail, Ratchet and Clank find merely a lone Infobot with coordinates to Pokitaru, rather than Gaspar.
    • They also get coordinates to only one planet, instead of two.
  • The duo do not meet The Plumber near the cannon like they did in the original.
  • Turning the bolt crank in the fort is required, unlike in the original.


  • The area you land your ship in has been slightly changed requiring you to use your Swingshot to get started on the two different paths.
  • Instead of being a rain forest environment, it is an icy frozen place.
  • Before using the cannon you must unlock an Invinco-lock using the Tresspasser.


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