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You see those bombers? If you don't get to the turret to knock those ships out the sky, this whole planet is going to be rubble!
Commando, R&C

Batalia was a lush rain forest world and the most heavily guarded planet in the Solana Galaxy. Dominated by massive forts and huge arsenals of weaponry, it is the perfect defense.

The only weak spot in Batalia's forces were its grunts. Unused to a life of warfare, they were poised to desert at any moment.

In Ratchet & Clank, Ratchet and Clank were told to infiltrate Fort Krontos undetected and blow up the Blarg Heavy Bombers with the planetary defense turret. There was also a Deserter from whom Ratchet could buy an Infobot to planet Gaspar after grinding a long grindrail.

Batalia was eventually saved after Ratchet destroyed all of the Blarg Heavy Bombers, although Fort Krontos was left in ruins. A magazine article in the special features revealed that the Commando was eventually reinforced by a supposedly stronger and less cowardly battalion. The weather on Batalia was very wet, with constant heavy rain. The inhabitants of Batalia were called Batalians.


Fort Krontos

Fort Krontos was once one of the strongest fortresses on Batalia. However, upon the Blarg's invasion, the Fort was breached and the standing army deserted, leaving their commander to fight for himself. Although Ratchet and Clank managed to save the base, it was severely damaged.

Characters on Batalia


Behind the scenes


Batalia daytime

Early in development, Batalia had a clear blue sky and was set during daytime. It also had golden grind rails. This is seen in the bonus Making of video.