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Batalia is a planet in the Solana Galaxy featured in Ratchet & Clank. It is a lush, rain forest world that becomes a warzone as the planet's Fort Krontos is invaded by blarg armies, and bombed with Blarg Heavy Bombers. When Ratchet and Clank arrive in the warzone, they find many of the structures on the planet left in ruins. Ratchet and Clank arrive on the planet as Ratchet agrees to help The Commando if Clank starts his ship.


On Umbris, Ratchet and Clank viewed an Infobot with a distress call from the Commando, the leader of a battalion on Batalia. Following an argument, Ratchet agreed to help the Commando if Clank started his ship. The two then traveled to Batalia, where they were confronted by the Commando, asking for their support. The two then fought through blarg soldiers and tanks, until they found themselves unable to reach the fort without using Magneboots to traverse the ventilation shaft leading to the compound. As a reward for helping him thus far, the Commando gave the two an Infobot with coordinates for Orxon, where they could find the Magneboots.

In the village where the two first landed, a grind rail led them towards a lone Deserter who had fled combat, claiming he merely enlisted the army to pay for college tuition and never wished to fight a war. He then presented them an Infobot he had found, and sold it for 2,000 bolts, which he claimed was enough to pay for his way home. The two obliged, and the Infobot contained coordinates for planet Gaspar, as well as a commercial for a blargian Pilot's Helmet.

Fort Krontos from R&C (2002) screen 2

Fort Krontos

When returning to Batalia with the Magneboots to help the Commando, Ratchet and Clank infiltrated Fort Krontos. After defeating blargian soldiers, they were able to access the fort's planetary defense cannon, which was operated by The Plumber. The Plumber reluctantly agreed to let them operate the turret, and they successfully destroyed all the Blarg Heavy Bombers in the area. To reward them, the Plumber gave them his Metal Detector.

Fort Krontos turret from R&C (2002)

The Fort Krontos turret and the Plumber


Fort Krontos from R&C (2002) screen 5

Batalia is covered mostly in water, but contains several islands with lush, green, rain forests and rivers. Many of the structures on the planet, including Fort Krontos, are heavily fortified. When Ratchet and Clank arrive, most structures are on fire, hit by blarg weaponry.

Behind the scenes

Batalia daytime

Early in development, as seen in the bonus Making of video in the game, Batalia had a clear blue skybox and the level was set during daytime. It also had golden grind rails.

In early builds of the game, the planet was named "Alactra", though the name "Fort Krontos" was constant.[1]



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