Basilisk Leviathans were flying, territorial behemoths that put up a tough fight. They had a rapid-fire flame-spitting attack that was launched from a moderate distance, as well as an electrical, full body charge and a shock bubble drop that dispensed several bouncing balls of crackling energy, which zapped Ratchet on contact. Ratchet had to keep these foes in sight at all times, avoiding their attacks at all costs, and sending off a stream of continuous fire until there was nothing left but a few shards of Raritanium and a valuable Leviathan Soul.

Ratchet facing a Basilisk Leviathan

Ratchet facing a Basilisk Leviathan on Cobalia

In A Crack in Time., in the Insomniac Museum, another type of Leviathan could seen through the windows. There was also a model of the Leviathan in one of the rooms. The only difference was that the one in the museum was green with a yellow tail. Ratchet could not fight with the Leviathan in the museum, when equipping the Plasma Striker, the Leviathan has visible weak points, if you successfully manage to land a hit on it, it will disappear and nothing will happen.

In All 4 One A Basilisk Leviathan is seen to be in Cryosleep, it is unknown what it's purpose is for but it is only seen once in the game, it is likely that it was one of the creatures the Loki were planning to control before Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Nefarious arrived on Magnus


Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

Related species

The Grunthor was a land based dinosaur like creature that was a cousin species to the Basilisk Leviathan. Stellar Leviathans were the ultimate evolution of the Leviathan species, being capable of taking on fighter ships in combat.

Behind the scenes

During development the "spines" of the Basilisk Leviathan were removed to make them move better.[1]


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