Hey! This facility is reserved for Captain Jerkwater! I mean, Darkater! Fix me a drink , and ye may pass!
— Pirate Bartender, Quest for Booty

The Bartender was a space pirate, who stayed loyal to Captain Darkwater when the latter was killed in a mutiny lead by his first mate, Romulus Slag (who then took over as captain). The Bartender himself survived the mutiny, but he was stuck hanging from a tree in Darkwater Cove, Planet Merdegraw.

Many years later, Ratchet arrived at Darkwater Cove and pretended to be Darkwater. In order for Ratchet to progress through the island, the Bartender gave him clues "in an unnecessarily bizarre and cryptic fashion" as to the correct way to mix grog. Whenever the Bartender tried Ratchet's grog, they poured through his mouth and onto the ground, yet he was still able to taste it. He will then tell if Ratchet had successfully mixed them or not. Once Ratchet mixed all three drinks correctly, the Bartender let him continue through Darkwater Cove.


  • The Bartender shows an obvious dislike for Darkwater (referring to him as "Jerkwater"). If Ratchet mixes the grog incorrectly, the Bartender will drink it, spit it out, and make angry comments such as, "Are you trying to kill me‽ Again‽" or, "Poison tastes better than this! And I should know — I've been poisoned!" This suggests that Darkwater may have once tried to murder the Bartender by poisoning his grog.


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