Clank holding the BGAMD.

The Banana-Guided Autonomous Monkey Device, also known as the BGAMD, was the name Captain Qwark used when referring to the use of his monkey to help Clank explore certain areas. The "Banana Gun" was a device which fired bananas. Used by Clank, the presence of the bananas would lure the Q-Force agent Skrunch into any kind of dangerous situation. For example, Skrunch would be able to climb pipes and activate buttons that Clank normally could not. As Skrunch would chase a banana, he would step on the button while running to it. He could also be used to distract a security sentinel while Clank would be able to slip by undetected. Skrunch would take no damage nor be killed. He would then swallow the banana whole. If a banana was out of his reach, he would squack and hit the ground in frustration.


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