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Greetings [recipient]! You lucky devil(s)!

[sender] has just sent you… a galactic greeting!

We hope you enjoyed your galactic greeting!"
— Balloon-o-Gram voice, GC
MegaCorp Balloon-o-Gram

The Balloon-o-Gram was a means of communication (namely a greeting) used in the Bogon Galaxy.


It was a small egg-shaped rocket pod made by MegaCorp. It featured a small antenna at the top, along with a green MegaCorp symbol on the side. It also featured a rocket propulsion system at the bottom, and also had two legs that would deploy from the bottom whenever it landed. Incorporated into the device was a screen that was sent to a pre-determined destination. It contained a ridiculous male greeting voice informing the recipients that they had been sent a Galactic Greeting. This was accompanied by the sender's actual message, which supplied the names of the sender and the recipient. It would then deploy red balloons for the receiver after the message was over.


Ratchet and Clank encountered the Balloon-o-Gram at the Distribution Facility on Smolg. Angela Cross used it to inform Ratchet and Clank that she found her old MegaCorp ID Badge, which they could use to infiltrate the MegaCorp base on Yeedil. It showed Angela being surrounded by Protopets during her message, and tried to defend herself by hurling a snowball at one of the hostile creatures. Angela also apologized to Ratchet and Clank for using such an awkward device, stating it was all she could get off Grelbin when the Balloon-o-Gram's timer cut her off. After the video was over, the device rocketed off into the air.