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The Balloon-o-Gram was a means of communication (namely a greeting) used in the Bogon Galaxy. It was a small rocket pod made by MegaCorp with a screen sent to a pre-determined destination that contained a ridiculous male greeting voice informing the recipients that they had been sent a Galactic Greeting. This was accompanied by the sender's actual message, which supplied the names of the sender and the recipient. Then it deployed balloons for the receiver. Angela Cross used this device to inform Ratchet and Clank that she found her old MegaCorp ID Badge, which they could use to infiltrate their base on Yeedil. Angela was surrounded by Protopets when she sent the message to defend herself she threw snowballs at the hostile creatures. Angela was apologizing for using such an awkward device because it was all she could get off Grelbin when the Balloon-o-Gram's timer cut her off.


  • "Greetings [recipient]! You lucky devil(s)!"
  • "[sender] has just sent you… a galactic greeting!"
  • "We hope you enjoyed your galactic greeting!"


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