Bakisi Isles map layout

The Bakisi Isles are a group of heavily fortified islands in the multiplayer mode of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

Map Information

R&C3 multiplayer

Gameplay on the Bakisi Isles

The location consists of several grassy islands along with numerous towers. There is one central island as well as three large islands surrounding it. Two of these islands are apart of the Red Team and Blue Team's base. In a node Capture the Flag and Siege, there are numerous nodes dotted around the island. Two nodes are on the ground and two nodes are on the towers in a node Capture the Flag and Siege, and two nodes on medium-sized towers atop of two long bridges connecting some of the islands and one on a flying platform are for the Hovership in Siege. The tower node on the central island has the protection of two troopers.


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