Courtney and Backup Dancers

Backup dancers[1] were dancers who worked with Courtney Gears in her music videos. They also helped Courtney to fight Ratchet and Clank in the Courtney Gears boss fight. Backup dancers fought by spinning around and trying to hit Ratchet. Appearance-wise, they were very similar to Courtney. The only difference were their main color, purple, and their hairstyle, which were pigtails.

Most of the dancers died during Ratchet's battle with Courtney Gears.

Known Members


Melissa! She was my best dancer! You're gonna pay for that.
— Courtney Gears, upon the death of Melissa after the first wave of backup dancers in the boss fight, UYA

Melissa was the only backup dancer whose name was known. According to Courtney Gears, Melissa was her best backup dancer.

Behind the scenes

  • Melissa's name is a reference to Melissa Disney, the voice actor of Courtney Gears.



Notes and references

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