Taste the adrenaline as contestants face our four-armed bandit, the B2 Brawler! Brawler! Brawler! No living creature is a match for this machine. Watch six tons of Carbonox alloy hunt for its prey. There is no consolation prize, because this bad boy is programmed to show no mercy!
Galactic Gladiators Host on the B2 Brawler.  [GC]
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The B2 Brawler also known as Scorpio [citation needed] was a huge cybernetic alien that came from the depths of planet Cerebella. Leading the Robotics Division on Galactic Gladiators, it was programmed to show no mercy, weighed six tons of carbonox alloy, and had never been defeated. It had a "lost cousin," known as Brainius, which looked like a smaller, two-legged version of the Brawler. He once again appeared in Up Your Arsenal as the Annihilation Nation gladiator Scorpio. When the B2 Brawler's exploded, he survived as he still was attached on the hull.

As Scorpio he was an alien/tank hybrid that was hired by Annihilation Nation as a gladiator. He was also the champion there until Ratchet beat him. Scorpio was armed with Dual Flamethrowers and a powerful Saw Blade Launcher attachment. After being dethroned as the champion in Ratchet's attempt to meet Courtney Gears, he fought the lombax.

Character Details


The B2 Brawler has a brother, the B1 Brawler. The two also had a long lost cousin named Brainius.



The Cerebellan that became known as the "B2 Brawler" was born on Planet Cerebella, and had a brother called the B1 Brawler. Eventually, the B2 Brawler becamse a gladiator in MegaCorp's Robotics Divion using a colossal mech made of six tons of Carbonox. By the year 5355 he was undefeated; however, in that year he fought against Ratchet and faced his first defeat.

The Brawler survived this defeat and obtained a new tank body, becoming "Scorpio," he moved to the Solana Galaxy and became a gladiator of Annihilation Nation, where he once again became a reigning champion. However, in the year 5356 he encountered Ratchet once more and fought the Lombax; however, despite his new tank body he was defeated by the Lombax once more.


Start with the Blitz Gun. Chances of you running out of ammo are very high, so when you do run out, use the Gravity Bomb or Mini-Nuke against it. For defense, when the Brawler is standing up, just keep strafing, shooting it with the Blitz. If you take a hit or enough time elapses, the Brawler will drop down and start spinning its legs for one of the cheapest attacks of all time. If you are hit, you will go sailing to the other side of the arena, possibly off the edge of the arena, where you might be electrocuted, smacked again, electrocuted, then dead. So stay far away from this attack while nuking the brawler.

Dropping a few mini/megaturrets is also very effective here. Just drop a couple of those and watch out for the spinning leg attack. The job will be done in a moment.

Alternatively, he could be defeated with one shot of the RYNO II. This makes the skill point "2B or not 2B hit" as easy as "Cheapskate."



B2 brawler in hd by darkflich
Another alternative would be to wait until you upgrade your wrench. Once you have, face him in the arena. When the battle starts, there is a thin gray strip that winds around the arena. If you stand directly in front of the Brawler on the strip, he should jump of his perch right on top of you. You should be wedged in between his legs well enough that he cannot attack you, and you can just use your wrench to kill him. He will also not be able to drop down and use his spinning leg move. By using this method the B2 brawler will not be able to deal you any damage which will result in you receiving the skill point.

Another strategy is to throw out 4 Decoys from the Decoy Glove and then hit him with anything until he dies; however, you will have to retreat to the other side of the arena if he uses a spinning leg attack. If this occurs, you should throw out a fresh Decoy every time a Decoy is destroyed; however, this method allows you to beat the B2 Brawler and get the Skill Point early on in the game.


  • The B2 Brawler was referred to as a robot, but clearly had an organic brain, so that it was perhaps more accurate to call it a cyborg.
    B2 Brawler FFA

    B2 Brawler skin in Full Frontal Assault

  • The B2 Brawler appeared in Up Your Arsenal as the gladiator Scorpio in Annihilation Nation having been rebuilt as remarked by the announcer when the gladiator entered.
  • When you had the Heavy Bouncer, it was possible to defeat the B2 Brawler in one shot if the bomblets were accurate enough(would not work in challenge mode).
  • Defeating B2 Brawler without taking any damage from it would earn Ratchet a skill point.
  • The B2 Brawler was built of 6 tons of carbonox alloy.
  • The B2 Brawler's brother, the B1 Brawler, was originally supposed to be a boss in the Destructapalooza, but was cut due to budget constraints. He was said to have been built as a training bot for the Thug's Polaris outpost, and was apparently "as much of a grouch as his brother."[1]


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