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Axiom City

Ratchet in Axiom City

Axiom City was a city located on planet Terachnos in the Breegus system. Pollyx Industries, a Terachnoid run company that worked with Nefarious, had its headquarters located here.

Ratchet journeyed to Axiom City with General Azimuth in order to find the location of an Obsidian Eye. After infiltrating Pollyx Industries, the two of them had to destroy a VX-99 Hoverdrone that had been sent to level the city by Dr. Nefarious before escaping.


959038 20090818 790screen001

Ratchet using his Hoverboots in Axiom City

  • In mathematics, an axiom is a statement assumed to be true.
  • Axiom City was one of the levels from A Crack in Time to be shown before release.


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