Axe Bots were blue-colored robots that Drek sent to Eudora to cut down the trees at the planet's Logging Site. However, they also used their axes to attempt killing Ratchet when they saw him. Some were found chopping down trees and others could be found on patrol, usually goofing off. When an Axe Bot had noticed Ratchet, it would run up towards him but still keep a safe distance avoid a melee strike. Being very quick at melee attacks, it was very common for the Axe Bot to land a strike on Ratchet before Ratchet could. There were two times the player can see the Axe Bot taunt Ratchet, one from a far when the enemy has established a safe distance, or after landing a successful hit on Ratchet. When landing a successful hit, the Axe Bot will lean back and toss his axe into the air and catch it as a means of insult. This does; however, allow Ratchet to strike back before it can lay another hit due to Ratchet's recovery speed being faster.

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