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Arriba Amoeba Vid-comic

Arriba Amoeba was the second Qwark Vid-comic, in it, Qwark had to defeat the Amoeboids, an old enemy in Ratchet & Clank.


This vid-comic went back to the days in which Nefarious was still an organic lifeform.

Following where Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder left off, it told the story of when Nefarious attempted to infest Blackwater City with his newly created Amoeboid army in retaliation for being called insane, thus explaining how they originated on that planet. Captain Qwark went to Blackwater City to fight the Amoeboid horde. Qwark actually sabotaged the ending of the vid-comic's opening by replacing it with one of his crayon drawings, as in reality he cowered in the face of battle, made an "emergency response plan number two" and hid in the women's restroom at Galaxy Burger, coordinating with the city's defences from there.

After regaining his courage, Qwark fought through the Amoeboid forces and eventually defeated the invaders, forcing Nefarious to flee Planet Rilgar in disgrace back to his secret lair on Planet Magmos. He swore revenge on Qwark after this incident, but unbeknownst to him, Qwark clung to his space craft in an attempt to stop the maniacal doctor from escaping, literally holding his breath in outer space for the entire ride.

Weapons Available

The Flame Blaster[1] is small hand-held gun that shoots a stream of fire onto enemies in Up Your Arsenal. This weapon was utilized by Captain Qwark during Dr. Nefarious' attack on Blackwater City with his army of Amoeboids.

This weapon only appears in the Qwark Vid-Comic Arriba Amoeba.


Health token

The Qwark health token can be found at the area with several platforms moving vertically up and down across an energy beam section. The last platform will bring you up to a surface on the right, but to the left is a wall. Use the weapon to destroy the wall and then jump across to collect the token.


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