Aridia was an arid desert planet in the Solana Galaxy. The primary area on the planet was Outpost X11. It was here at the Outpost hoverboarder Skid McMarx had opened a new sports shack that drew many of his fans, celebrities, and even the Blarg to the planet. After revealing top secret information the Blarg tried to kill Skid and his agent Don Wonderstar. The two separate and Skid is helped by Ratchet and Clank when they help him back to his rocket by taking out the hostile Sandsharks as an reward Ratchet gets an autographed hoverboard from Skid. Don is saved from the Blarg by Ratchet where then he promots the duo and provides them coordinates to planet Rilgar before the Skid and Don take off and leave the planet. Galactic criminal, Neftin Prog had once tried to turn the entire population of Aridia colorblind twice. However, he was stopped by Captain Qwark both times.

Outpost X11

Ratchet-Clank-Gameplay 03-10-16

Ratchet being ambushed by Sandsharks at Outpost X11


  • Sandshark Valley
  • Skidd McMarx Sports Shack - also called Skidd's Store

Characters on Aridia


Differences from the original


  • Skidd and Don are in Aridia to promote Skidd's entry in the race, while in the original, they were sent down in escape pods after being shot down.
  • Skidd and Don are separated after Skidd accidentally takes Blargian schematics and are attacked by the Blarg, while in the original, their escape pods sent them in different directions.
  • Skidd and Don have an intact rocket instead of 2 inactive escape pods.
  • Don is being attacked by the Blarg when Ratchet finds him rather than simply looking for a signal.
  • Skidd and Don leave Aridia in the rocket they landed in, instead of leaving off-screen.
  • The structure is actually "The McMarx Sports Shack" instead of a Blargian factory, and Ratchet is attacked by Constructobots because the site is restricted and he does not have clearance.
  • Inside the facility, Ratchet finds the Hydrodisplacer rather than the Tresspasser.


  • The quicksand is purple instead of brown and oddly has Sandsharks.
  • The lift from the end of the sandshark area back to the beginning is a normal hover pad instead of a cherry picker
  • The area at the end of the swingshot course has water underneath it to show off the hydrodisplacer instead of magma.
  • Blarg Troopers, Helicopter Pilots, and Dropships have been added to the stage.


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