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Aranos is a planet in the Bogon Galaxy featured in Going Commando, with brief mentions in Ears of War and All 4 One. A planet covered in ice-capped mountains with a homogeneously frigid climate, it was introduced as the setting of the first mission, in the Thief's flying lab.

It was visited again after Ratchet and Clank were imprisoned by Thugs-4-Less in the flying lab, which they had taken control of and converted into a prison. The planet's surface was never visited throughout the game. The entirety of Ratchet and Clank's visits were spent on the flying lab, which was situated in Sector Seven of the planet.


Going Commando

Flying Lab baddies

Ratchet confronting the unknown thief inside the Flying Lab

In the beginning of Going Commando, MegaCorp founder Abercrombie Fizzwidget enlisted Ratchet's help to retrieve a top-secret experiment, which had been stolen days prior by a mysterious thief. After two weeks of training, Ratchet was sent to Aranos, where Fizzwidget had located the Thief's flying lab (coordinates 37A). Ratchet's first objective was to retrieve the Protopet, in the mission "Infiltrate the flying base".

Ratchet was nearly successful in doing so, thanks to the Thief's outdated MegaCorp security forces, though the Thief ultimately confronted Ratchet in the Protopet room and prevented him from taking it. She made off with the experiment, and afterwards recruited Thugs-4-Less to replace her security after having left.

Much later in the game, Thugs-4-Less sent out an arrest bounty on Ratchet and Clank, who were accused of trying to assassinate Fizzwidget (a set up by MegaCorp and Thugs-4-Less after Ratchet and Clank aligned themselves with the Thief, revealed to be Angela Cross). The duo were eventually captured on Boldan and sent back to the flying lab on Aranos. Thugs-4-Less had overtaken the lab, and converted it into a luxurious prison, evidently complete with nutritionists (Mathematician), fitness trainers (Helga), and life coaches (New Age Mystic).

Flying Prison


Once in the prison cell, Clank determined that there were no means of escape. However, soon after, Clank's female infobot friend appeared through a small opening, and assisted Clank in finding a way out, in the mission "Free Ratchet from prison cell". Clank explored the lab and caused a power failure on decks 4–14, allowing Ratchet to escape.

Ratchet and Clank met back up in the mission "Meet up in the hangar bay", and then subsequently completed "Turn off the forcefield". Soon after, they met the Plumber, who had been called in from the Solana Galaxy to dislodge a Captain Qwark action figure from some toilet pipes. Ratchet purchased the action figure for 20,000 bolts, which he would then trade for the Armor Magnetizer from Qwark fanboy Stuart Zurgo on the planet Todano.

At the end of "Explore the rest of the flying base", Ratchet and Clank received a transmission from Angela Cross, who was on the Thug Fleet on planet Gorn to ascertain how to defeat the Protopet. She was eventually caught and captured, so the duo set out to rescue her.

After Going Commando

Aranos comic

Aranos as it appears in Ears of War.

In Ears of War, President Qwark revealed that Markazian planet thief Artemis Zogg had stolen Aranos, meaning his threat was not restricted to the Solana Galaxy but potentially the entire universe.[1] In All 4 One, Ephemeris at some point raided Aranos for creatures to serve the Loki.


Aranos appears to be uniformly covered in snowy alps, with little terrain variation. However, this may appear to be the case merely because Aranos is only visited on the flying lab, which may have a localized flight path. As such, little is known of the planet's geography itself.

During the first flying lab level, only the back-most end of the ship is visited. It mainly includes narrow corridors, with a few segments having open rooms and large windows allowing for a view outside of the ship. There are also outside areas in which Ratchet walks on the outside of the ship or across an open bridge. Due presumably to the ship's high altitude, the oxygen mask in Ratchet's helmet will automatically activate.

The second visit retains this basic pattern, though new areas of the ship are visited as well. These areas usually seem to represent various mechanical and engineering feats of the lab, including large engine fans, series of pistons and gears, as well as several extended segments of lava, possibly used as a means of producing thermal energy.



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