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Introducing the Terror of Tarantia, its shocking, its amazing, give it up for, the Arachnoid!
Galactic Gladiators Host  [GC]

The Arachnoid, also known as the Terror of Tarantia[1] was the eight-legged wonder of the world[2] and a professional MegaCorp Games gladiator on planet Joba. It was an advanced Mecha-Spider that had claimed the lives of many contestants. This extremely fast and agile robotic spider leaped away from Ratchet if he neared. It fired off electricity shots while producing a wave of nidbots from its mechanical bowels. When it was finally defeated, the Arachnoid would fall into the lava pit below, destroying it. The Arachnoid was made on planet Tarantia.


Notes and references

  2. The Mosterpedia claims he is the eight-legged wonder of the world

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