For the multiplayer map, see Aquatos's Sewers (multiplayer).
Sewers of Aquatos

Inside Aquatos's Sewers

Aquatos's Sewers was a sewer system located on the planet Aquatos. It was described by The Plumber as the nastiest, smelliest sewer system in the galaxy. It was very elaborate, containing three levels and a huge number of different tunnels. It was home to 99 Sewer Crystals, and an extremely dangerous place to explore, considering that it was infested with Amoeboids of all sizes, including King Amoeboids, whom Ratchet could kill to achieve sewer crystals. It can only be accessed from Nefarious's office or from an underwater entrance. The Plumber was seen there collecting sewer crystals. According to some Galactic Rangers, there was a war fought in the sewers, possibly over the sewer crystals.


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