For the main story level, see Aquatos's Sewers.

The map consists of intersecting sewer pipes

Aquatos's Sewers is a multiplayer map which takes place in the sewer system of the planet Aquatos.[1] The map supports Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes.[1]

Map layout


Aquatos Sewers map layout

Aquatos Sewers is a small non-symmetrical map designed for small Deathmatch games. It consists only of large intersecting sewer pipes, but unlike in single player, you cannot climb them with Gravity Boots.[1] The combat concentrates at the intersection in the center.[1] There are crates and ammo packs scattered all over the map, mostly spawning at the intersections.[2] In Capture the Flag mode the flags spawn in the opposite directions from the map center.[1]

Key locations


Notes and references

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