Amoeboids were slimy creatures that were originally developed by Nefarious in a secret laboratory within the swamps outside Blackwater City, planet Rilgar. These vile creatures were defeated from exterminating all life on Rilgar by Qwark, but these pests have since spread across the Solana Galaxy and Bogon Galaxy, infesting the sewers of various worlds.



Creation of Amoeboids

The Amoeboids were created in Dr. Nefarious's labs

In Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, it is revealed that just before the start of the first Ratchet & Clank game the Amoeboids were created by Dr. Nefarious in his secret laboratory on planet Rilgar, and that he planned to use them to destroy Rilgar as an act of revenge against those who had called him insane. He also sent a few to planet Novalis's capital Tobruk Crater for unknown purposes.

Following his failed invasion of Rilgar, Nefarious continued to create Amoeboids in his Secret Laboratory on Venantonio.[3]

Ratchet & Clank


A large Amoeboid next to Darla Gratch

The Amoeboid invasion of Blackwater City took place in the year 5354, and was reported by Darla Gratch on Holo-Vision. Consequently, Darla was eaten by a large Amoeboid, although she survived, and the two then started a relationship. When Ratchet first arrived on Rilgar, the Amoeboids were taking over and Mist Troopers were finding it hard to fend them off. Ratchet managed to stop the Amoeboids and saved the city (though Qwark later claimed that it was he who saved the city). The Amoeboids were found again dwelling in the hidden caves on Tobruk Crater.

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

In the Aquatos Sewers, Ratchet managed to find several King Amoeboids, lurking in the deep. These were biggest type of Amoeboids encountered to date, and posed a distinctive chrome skin as opposed to the typical green. They often shot balls of goo from their mouths. Ratchet had to kill many of them while searching for Sewer Crystals. Amoeboids of small, medium and large sizes were also found throughout the sewers. They were also one of the main types of enemies in Episode 2 of the Qwark Vid-Comic series.

Other side stories and events

Secret Agent Clank

Note: The following ambiguously canon events take place at some point after the events of "Up Your Arsenal" and "Size Matters"

In Venantonio, Clank arrived at the Secret Laboratorys of the Amoeboids creation and fought many of Klunk's Amoeboids, which included normal Amoeboids and Explosive Amoeboids. Self-deodorising Amoeboids were also mentioned in one the experiment signs on Venantonio.

Amoeboids also arrived in the Prison by using the pipes. They arrived there to get revenge on Ratchet who was held there after being framed.

Types of Amoeboids

There were many shapes and sizes of the Amoeboid. Usually, when an Amoeboid was killed, it halved into two smaller Amoeboids, which collectively were the same threat to the player.

Amoeboid large

A large Amoeboid

Large Amoeboids

The larger Amoeboids were the strongest type of normal Amoeboid. Despite this, they could be killed in one strike. The large Amoeboids were a lot rarer than the others, due to the fact that when defeated they split into two smaller Amoeboids.

Amoeboid medium

A medium Amoeboid

Medium Amoeboids

The medium-sized Amoeboids were the result of a killed large Amoeboid. When the medium Amoeboids were killed, they themselves released another two Amoeboids of a smaller size. This ended up in four small Amoeboids, collectively.

Amoeboid small

A small Amoeboid

Small Amoeboids

The small Amoeboids were the result of a killed medium Amoeboid. They were the weakest of the Amoeboid chain, dealing low damage and only one health. When killed, they simply burst into a spray of goo.

King Amoeboid

King Amoeboid (2)

King Amoeboid

King Amoeboid in Prison

King Amoeboid (Secret Agent Clank)

The King Amoeboids were the largest type of Amoeboids. They were found primarily in the sewers of Aquatos. Sometimes, they took the form of a wall of green goop. When approaching a King Amoeboid, they will attack instantly raging through the sewer tunnels. They could strike twice as hard as Large Amoeboids. For unknown reasons, they were often found guarding rare and precious Sewer Crystals.

Spiky King Amoeboid

Spiky King Amoeboid

Spiky King Amoeboid

Spiky King Amoeboids where a mutated stronger version of the King Amoeboid. The Spiky Kings where more durable and came from the gooey vents on the ceiling.

Explosive Amoeboids

Explosive Amoeboids-1-

Explosive Amoeboids

An Explosive Amoeboid, originally known as Experiment #27 A, was an experiment found on Venantonio by Clank during his explorations.[4] The experiment was successful and Clank had to fight several of Klunk's explosive Amoeboids. Explosive Amoeboids were red in color, rather than the normal green. They and detonate when near enemies.

Self-deodorising Amoeboids

Self-deodorising Amoeboids, originally referred to as Experiment #18 A, was an experiment found on Venantonio. It was an experiment to create Amoeboids that were self-deodorising, it is unknown if the experiment worked or not, but it is known that the experimented Amoeboids survived.[5] Clank encountered some of them when he infiltrated the Venantonio laboratory as they broke out testing vats.

Madam Butterqwark aliens


Amoeboids as aliens

In Captain Qwark's opera on Venantonio, Amoeboids appeared as aliens.

According to Qwark's tale they attacked the town, however Qwark shpt them down with his laser eyes, causing the town to be messy with alien bodies.

Radioactive Amoeboid

If you are being attacked by radioactive Amoeboids, please press one.
— A recording of Qwark at the Planetary Defense Center on planet Kerwan, ToD

Radioactive Amoeboids were Amoeboids that were highly radioactive. The Planetary Defense Center on planet Kerwan had an automated message system, and pressing one on the dial would alert Captain Qwark that Radioactive Amoeboids were attacking.[6]


Amoeboid mafia

The Amoeboid mafia was a powerful pan-galactic criminal organization made up of Amoeboids. Captain Starshield was known to have once saved the Bogon galaxy from the pan-galactic Amoeboid mafia in galactic date G2.14.173.[7]

The former mayor of Metropolis had to step down thereafter was revealed he was connected to the Amoeboid mafia; however, The 'Zone reported the President Phyronix was also connected as well. Whether Phyronix actually had any connection to the Amoeboid mafia is unknown, given The 'Zone's frequent habit of smearing.[8]

Notable Amoeboids

Small Amoeboids

  • Microbe Laden Mary
  • Putrescent Pizza Patrick
  • Rotten Banana Reggie
  • Chicken Wing Wendy
  • Liquefied Cookie Corla
  • Fetid Ketchup Korey
  • Corrosive Cake Carrey
  • Liquefied Cookie Caria
  • Day-Old Pasta Pete

Medium Amoeboids

  • Green Pauline
  • Bread Mold Maude
  • Scotch Tape Terry
  • Green Machine
  • Gelatinous Jared
  • Fuzzy Fungus Farid
  • Calcium Carnie
  • Bubbling Broth Benny


Ratchet & Clank

  • The Amoeboids became smaller when attacked: from one large Amoeboid, to 2 medium Amoeboids, to 4 small Amoeboids. Try to use an explosive weapon to get rid of herds quickly.
    • Use the Blaster to kill the large Amoeboid.
    • Use your wrench to kill the medium Amoeboid, or if there are more than 2, use an explosive weapon. Continue with smaller Amoeboid.
  • Amoeboids were very weak against morphing guns, such as the Morph-o-Ray mainly because the enemy will not split up when morphed. They were also weak to quick, repeated fire.
  • The Pyrocitor has quick repeated fire in a wide spread, killing the Amoeboid and what it split up into easily.

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

  • A shot of the N60 Storm usually killed a large Amoeboid, and the rest could be finished off by the wrench. The Plasma Whip was a good choice as well, to kill herds in intersections.
Amoeboids in Prison

An Amoeboid, in prison

  • Another thing that worked well during intersections was the Rift Inducer.
  • You could also use the Nitro Launcher.
  • Qwack-O-Ray was best used against any Amoeboid and took no longer than four seconds.


  • If in contact with water, an Amoeboid would simply vanish in a cloud of green dust and goo. However, it was not known how they could live so well in sewers if they evaporated in contact with water. The water on Rilgar appeared cleaner than the water on Aquatos, meaning that purified water kills Ameboids.
  • If an Amoeboid spotted Ratchet, it would jump in the air and shout "Yi"; however, some believe that they are saying "Die." The pitch depended on the Amoeboid's size, but they were all the same pitch in Up Your Arsenal.
  • An Amoeboid would not notice Ratchet if he swam over them.
  • They were also metioned in Tools of Destruction in the first level's second cutscene-when Ratchet reached the Inter-Planetary Defence Center. ("If you are beng attacked by a Radioactive Amoeboids, please press 1.") Qwark's recording at the Inter-Planetary Defence Center on Metropolis.


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