Sarge, we got 'noids all over the place. We need backup!
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA

Ambush in Red Rock Valley was one of the Galactic Ranger missions of Operation: DEATH VALLEY on Aridia. It involved Ratchet and Clank defending the Galactic Rangers trapped in an ambush in Red Rock Valley.[1]


I don't wanna die!
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA

Ratchet and Clank were given the mission of defending the Galactic Rangers trapped on a central platform in Red Rock Canyon and caught in an ambush. Using the Hovership they had to defend them from multiple Tyhrranoid waves in the surrounding areas.[1]

Mission objective

The primary mission objective was given to Ratchet and Clank as: "The Rangers are surrounded and pinned down in Red Rock Valley. Help them to escape from the trap!"[1]

Defending the Galactic Rangers

The 'noids are more co-ordinated then we've seen before. We maybe up against something new here.
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA
Ambush in Red Rock Valley air support Tyhrranoids

Ratchet and Clank provide air support against the advancing Tyhrranoid attack

Ambush in Red Rock Valley air support bridge

Ratchet and Clank providing air support at a bridge

Using the Hovership Ratchet and Clank were able to move around Red Rock Valley and provide air support and assistance to the four Galactic Rangers trapped on a platform.[1] The Galactic Rangers had set up a defensive barricade and were fighting back.[1] Tyhrranoid ground forces, consisting of Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoids and Three-Eyed Robonoids teleported in from all directions, firstly from the end towards the tunnels and the Galactic Ranger's base near the main bridge and then from across the side closer to the Galactic Ranger's base tunnels.[1]

Ambush in Red Rock Valley saucers

Ratchet in the Hovership as the Tyhrranoid Saucers approach the trapped Galactic Rangers

After the first two waves 12 Tyhrranoid Saucers attacked from a valley between two ramps near to the platform. After the majority of the saucers were destroyed a Tyhrranoid Dropship came from towards the Tyhrranoid base tunnels next to the ramp along with further ground reinforcements that moved towards the small bridge in the valley, next to the ramp.

As a final attack further ground reinforcements came from the other side near the larger bridge with air support including more Tyhrranoid Saucers and another Dropship which the Galactic Rangers, with Ratchet and Clank's assistance, were able to survive.[1]


Thanks Sarge, you got here just in time.
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA
Ambush in Red Rock Valley dropship

The second dropship approaches Ratchet and Clank's Hovership as they defend the Galactic Rangers from the final wave of Tyhrranoids

Ratchet and the Galactic Rangers managed to defend the position and retreat back to the tunnels before the Tyhrranoid forces could regroup. The Galactic Rangers noticed the advanced co-ordination of the enemy and, using intel,[2] decided that he next mission objective would be to eliminate the Four-Eyed Tyhrranoid commanders.[1]


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