The Plasmabomb Launcher was a grenade launcher weapon in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. It would launch grenades to far distances, and was useful for taking out Sentry Minions behind cover. When equipped, the trajectory of the grenade launch was shown when aiming. It was also useful for taking out multiple targets at once.

The Elite Plasmabomb Launcher was the upgraded version of the Plasmabomb Launcher in All 4 One. It cost 30,000 bolts. Each lobbed grenade was armed with little bomblets that create further explosions by exploding around the original explosion. The Alpha Plasmabomb Launcher was the upgraded version in Full Frontal Assault.


Polar Sea

The heroes using the Plasmabomb Launcher in the Polar Sea

The Plasmabomb Launcher was useful against the Octomoth and the Z'Grute. When upgraded to the Elite Plasmabomb Launcher it would consist of 5 mini-bombs that sprouted out of the Plasmabomb when it came in contact with the floor.


Notes and references

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